How to group by line

I am trying to group by wall center line.
The two walls are in the same location but they are not grouped together.

Line(StartPoint = Point(X = 3600.000, Y = 400.000, Z = 0.000), EndPoint = Point(X = 4200.000, Y = 2400.000, Z = 0.000), Direction = Vector(X = 600.000, Y = 2000.000, Z = 0.000, Length = 2088.061))

Both the length, the direction and the point are the same because I rounded up all points and create new line.

Help plz.

thank you!

can you show your graph with the full result ?

Im a bit confused… you have 2 walls at the same location? Why is that to start with?

So by wall center line you mean that you are calculating the center line and not using the location line right?


I’ll show you the whole graph. I made some change.

I want to group walls of equal location line.


I want to delete duplicate walls.

Yes. I calculate the center line because I think there may be some differences that do not overlap completely.

Sorry for my bad English.

not very clear for me the value of two lines, if you are sure that they are equal, turn them ToString then use it as a key

What @khuzaimah.ElecEng suggest is something like this to replace your graph.

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Yes… I think so.
so I’m trying to modify it, but it is harder than I thought.

It works well. thank you!!


thank you for reply. It works well!

Use warnings instead