How to get the Materials' function in compound layer elements


I have a challenge in which I hope someone could help me with. I am using the “Element.Materials” node from the clockwork package but I also I need to get the “function” information from these materials when these are placed in elements like walls, floors, etc. I assume that if this is possible, then the answer is in the Revit API?

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Use Clockwork “FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers”.

Just ask next time :wink:

Oops! It was right there! Exactly what I need! Thank you! Should have asked you first! :slight_smile:

And when you have the material layers, if you then need to extract physical and thermal assets, use then MaterialDensity from DanEDU Dynamo package

  • it even fix the odd internal revit unit and convert values to SI units (kg/m3)