How to get ProjectInfo with each room?


I would like to get ProjectInfo with each room, that I would like to extract to excel. But it seems like it only goes with the first room. Any suggestions? thank


Hei Anders!

Try this:

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Hope this conveys the idea…

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Einar! Thanks a lot! You solved my problem. I probably need to more study on how I group and sort data in Dynamo. Is there any basic knowledge you could share?

Thanks again!



I must study this much more. The last node you use is new to me, but thanks for sharing!

You have one project info and many rooms. To get the project info attached to each room, you must duplicate it to get the same amount of project infos as rooms. Before the list is transposed the last sublist contains only project infos. After transpose the project info is the last element in each sublist. That’s why you can “AddItemToEnd” with lacing set to longest to achive the same. (Vikrams method)

Read about lists in the dynamo Primer:
One key is to understand the different lacing options.

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