How to get Project Infomation

Hi all;

I am new to Dynamo, and have this issue - to get the “Project Information” parameter values out of the model. I have pulled data from “Rooms” without any problems, and done an export to Excel. What is my problem here?



First problem is it is difficult to see the image :wink:

Because I have some background knowledge, have you spelled the parameter correct. As I remember it there is spelling mistake in Building Name, it could be the one that is spelled Bulding Name or else it is a other parameter.

@Daniel, I had noticed the typing error, and I spelled it actually ; ), and sorry about the rookie photo!

@VIKRAM, thanks alot! It worked out for me. I just wonder why Project parameters is based on Element Types, and not Categories. How should I know? Is there any list or page where this is explained? Thanks again! Anders

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