How to get pipe sizes from cad file using dynamo

I tried to create a pipe from cad file and I got it. The pipe was created successfully, but I can’t able to read the pipe sizes from cad file. Now I want to set required size for pipe which was mentioned in cad file.So is there any way to get the pipe sizes from cad file…!!

Thank you

Do the pipes have an centerline?
Does the CAD-layer specifiy pipe sizes?

If yes, then you can query information very easily. If not, then it will probably be a lot of work.
You could also look around for some packages.

For straight sections of pipe, the following could work. It creates nulls and is not an elegant solution:

Hi Owen, Thanks for reply, yes the pipe have a centerline, but in cad file layer does not specify the sizes that was my problem. How could I proceed the next step?? Is there any way to get the size? And the image you sent above wasn’t clear I can’t able to see node names pls send it clear…

Since the layers are universal for pipe there isn’t a way to get any data since the size is only based on a non-linked piece of text. It could say “20 mm” or it could say “cat” and the pipe doesn’t know any different.