How to get Multistory Stair material quantity separately by each level?

I have a multistory stair in my Revit Model and I need to know the material quantity by each level separately.
I understand that with with the Revit API class and methods below, it is possible to get.
I am trying for days without sucess.
Could someone help me to undersend how to use it in Dynamo or the correct syntax to write it in Python scrypt.

The Class and Methods:

  • MultistoryStairs
    allows users to create stairs that span multiple levels. A multistory stairs element may contain multiple stairs whose extents are governed by base and top levels.

This element will contain one or more Stairs elements. Stairs elements are either a reference instance which is copied to each level covered by groups of identical stairs instances which share the same level height, or individual Stairs instances which are not connected to a group with the same level height. By default, when adding new levels to the multistory stair, new stairs will be added to the group.

For groups of duplicate stairs at different levels, the instances can be found as Subelements of the Stairs element.

Stairs in a connected group can be edited together by modifying the associated Stairs instance. For specific floors that need special designs, stairs can be separated from a group by unpinning the element, changes made to this Stairs will not affect other any other instance in the element, or add the stairs back into the group if needed. However, any changes made to the stair will be lost since the stair’s properties will be overridden by the group specifications.

The class has the following methods:

MultistoryStairs.AddStairsByLevelIds() - Adds stairs to the given levels.
MultistoryStairs.RemoveStairsByLevelIds() - Removes stairs from the given levels. This will regenerate the multistory stairs from the remaining levels.
MultistoryStairs.CanAddStair() - Checks if the input level id can be used to add stairs into multistory stairs.
MultistoryStairs.CanRemoveStair() - Checks if the input level id can be used to remove stairs from the multistory stairs.
MultistoryStairs.GetAllConnectedLevels() - Gets the ids of all levels connected to the multistory stairs.
MultistoryStairs.GetAllStairsIds() - Gets the ids of all of the stairs in the multistory stairs.
MultistoryStairs.Create() - Creates a multistory stairs object.
MultistoryStairs.GetStairsConnectedBaseLevelIds() - Gets the base level ids for the stairs contained in this multi-story stairs element.
MultistoryStairs.IsPinned() - Checks if a stair is pinned as a propagation group.
MultistoryStairs.Unpin() - Unpins a story of stairs by giving its base level id.
MultistoryStairs.Pin() - Pins a unpinned stairs back into a story of a stairs.
The new property:


indicates the id of the MultistoryStairs element to which the Stairs belong to.

Related to StairsPath functionality for multistory stairs, the new functions:

support creation of new stairs paths in a plan view for stairs instances in a multistory stairs element.