How to Get Loss method values for Ashrae Table Field in Dynamo

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to get Loss Method inbuilt values for Ashrae Table Field for duct fittings. Are there any packages available in dynamo to get the loss method field types?? or do we have any method in RevitApi to get loss method values.
For example:
As shown in the pic…The duct fitting has ER3-1 as the assigned value. Now I want all the inbuilt values starting from CR3-1 to CR3-9 which I want to export to excel but I am unable to get. Please do reply if you know the solution…
Any help would be appreciated…

Hello Chandu,
I did look up Revit API and I did not find a solution to list out all those values in the Dynamo list. The trick with those values and Entities is that you can Get or Set values. I did not find any method which will list all values.

On the other hand, I’m not sure why you need to extract those values from the Revit table. Those values CR3-1, CR3-2, CR3-3, … are just strings. So you can create yourself a list of strings and use the scripts which already exist to set those values to any fitting.

The list of strings must be the same for all Revit users hence you can not add, remove or modify values.

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Thank You @nenad.kovacevicSZH9A…for your reply. The reason why I want to extract the values to excel is :

  1. Duct fittings for examples elbows that have different system types or classification parameter values doesn’t possess the same list of inbuilt values. The list is different for different system values.
  2. It is difficult to check each family type of duct fitting what inbuilt values they possess and list it down as a list of strings every time. It will be easy for users to select from the excel values if possible and also assign the correct value which is present in the Revit.
    Thanks a lot. Please do reply if you get any updates on this.


I know some link can help you, hope it’s useful :