How to get lattitude, longitude values form spot cordinates


I am having query related to coordinates
Can u please check the below link

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Do you mean like this ?

spot coordinates in revit gives Easting and Northing, i think what he needs it to give lattitude and longitude values.


This thread has some information. Basically Dynamo has its own coordinate system and you have to translate the information between the two.

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Firstiy I have to get Coordinates with respect to survey point not with respect to Project base point, By default Getlocation Node giving with respect to PBP / relative points, So i want to get the coordinates with respect to Surveypoint.
After getiing that i need to convert to Latitude/longitude

Get location reports off the internal origin.

Basically all the geometric data is stored and calculated off that value. Any other coordinate system is a mathematical transformation of the values from the origin to the new CS. So if you know what the CS is that you want to report in, you perform the math as needed.

Keep in mind the accuracy of the tool being used as you go - you’ll likely need to keep 5 or 6 decimal places which may result in floating point errors.


@JacobSmall Yeah tnx for the reply

What type of math is needed to get the Coordinates Values refered by Survey points instead of PBS / relative points