Get coordinates from survey point

Hi all,

I am trying to convert picked points(with reference to internal origin) in revit to survey coordination system. I want convert the points with reference to survey point. I have tried it but not getting the proper output. I have also tried it with genius loci package nodes to convert but not getting correct answer. Can anyone please tell me where I am missing ?

Thanks in advance

you’ve tried this right?


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Hi @newshunhk already tried it but not getting correct output.

I am getting confusion like why it is giving me different values for survey point ?

The one which I got from genius loci is the correct one but I don’t know why I am getting 3 different values of survey point

Only the thing is I forgot to unlip the state of survey point before executing the script. I have tried it using the same node (Convert from Internal origin to coordinate system) but was facing some issues. But now when I unclipped that I can now get the correct results. @newshunhk thanks for your time.

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