How to get/filter item in the list

Hi all ,

I am trying to filter out all item 0 on the list (screenshot below), subsequently item 1…4 , but I not sure how to do it, needed help …

thank you guy , I have gotten alot helps from this forum


See the above :slight_smile:

cool, that is close, just wondering can I drop the last 4 item at one shot ?


Try using first item node :slight_smile:

Thank for the guidance, actually I wanted to filter/group those item 0 (circle in red) in one list , sorry for the confusion
would it be possible ?

Hi shakattii

I did the same as your graph, but the output is different, I was hoping the 0 list to have 3 a together, subsequently 3b together…

Hi @ck_user

Just use "List.FirstItem" node with Lacing set to longest.

I did the same as your lacing… somehow still not same output…

Hi Kulkul

I have use the List.FirstItem for the first item that is the output i needed
,but I needed the 2nd item, 3rd item, … and subsequently

Why not use List.Transpose then?

check the last node, toggle the lacking between longest and shortest. See if that fixes it.

this is another method

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Is this what you are after? Either the output from the List.Tranpose or List.Chop:

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Thank all, shkattii and kennyb6 , you guy are awesome !!!