How to get Dynamo to apply Revit Wall Base by room mark identification? Help and Ideas needed

Has anyone in the Dynamo community been able to create a workflow or script that can create/place a wall base within multiple rooms at one time?

Specifically where the base run in each room is not dependent of other rooms. I deal with buildings with multiple levels and a large number of rooms. Figuring a way to stream line adding base and crown molding would be fantastic. If you were also able to figure out how to also apply reveals that would be an added bonus. If someone has done any of this then I would appreciate you help.

I am specifically looking at a script that would be placed by identification of a additional parameter in the room identification. This way I or someone else could add some type of mark in each room where they want that base type. I do not want to identify the base type based on the room name, because the base within a type of room may not always be consistent between rooms with the same name.

Form and function wise. I need the base to be able to break/cut where doors and window openings occur at the same level and the base also needs to be able to wrap at openings and wing walls. I already have a bunch of bases made and just need a script or workflow that can apply this in a simple and quick fashion.

This has been racking my brain and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.