How to get boolean value at indicies of a master list of lists that contain a sub set of lists

Hello, I successfully extracted a list of sublists out of a master list. Now I want to figure out a way to indicate what indicies those sublists have in the original master list so that I can filter out the remainder of the master list into a different node. Does that make sence? but every node Ive tried seems to fail. Below I have a child list of 2 sublists. Both of which are contained in the parent list (lower left hand corner) i just want to return a true or false statement once for each of the sublists in the parent list which indicate if they are the same as any of the child sublists. Please advise

@mix I think I get it. Have you tried the built-in node “List.Contains”? Remember to set the levels!
Sounds like it could achieve what you need.

I’ve tried to create a MWE as follows:

  1. Create a master list containing structural framing, structural columns and ducts.
  2. Create the child lists (only structural framing and columns)
  3. Check if the child lists are present in the master list

See attached image or graph.