How to get all lines that intersect at a point?


I’ve got a bunch of points, is there a way I can look at elements around this point with a given tolerance? E.g Like a “Elements around Point” Node.

For example, the image below, in the centre of those circles I’ve got a point, is there a way I can pick up the lines in each of those circles.


Create bounding boxes around each point (there are many ways to achieve this, the most simplest would be to create Spheres at each point, and use OOTB BoundingBox.ByGeometry), then use BimorphNodes BoundingBox.GetElementsIntersect which will return any Revit elements that intersect the bounding boxes


If you got a list of lines and a list of points you can make a sphere or a bounding box (bounding box would be faster), and then check for anything that intersects it like that:


Thanks for the help, make sense but I think I’m doing something wrong.

I’m getting an empty list as an output, I tried changing the lacing, the same result.





Try flattening your list of bounding boxes and change the lacing of BoundingBox.GetElementsIntersect back to shortest. Also, are the pipes from a linked document by any chance?

Still not Luck, I’m creating the pipes using MEPOVER, just before the bounding box check. Not sure if that makes a difference.


EDIT: Also tried playing with the tollerance and sphere size and no luck.

Can you upload some simple example files for testing as it should be working (and is working when I test it, although I’m not using MEPover as I don’t know what the MEP inputs are!).

@Joe.ashton I don’t understand why can’t you just do what I showed you? You don’t have to filter the lines themselves. If you got a matching list of Revit Elements (Pipes) that lines came from, just filter that instead:


Thanks for your help added something similar to it. I had some problems with Geometry.DoesIntersect in the pass and try and avoid it.

Not too sure why it didnt work, due to time constraints I added the solution below to get it to work. I then filter by pipe later on.

For testing, would you like me to do that simple example to see if it reproduces same issues.


@Joe.ashton I’m also interested to know, and keen to resolve it if the problem is caused by the node. In the tests I’ve done, I cant reproduce your error, which is why it would be good if you can upload your graph and a simple RVT which provides minimal information to reproduce the problem (no need to upload your project file!).

Initially I thought it might be caused by the offset parameter of the pipes, but since you are inputting a tolerance of 10 meters, I would expect the node to return some results, so its unlikely to be that.

sounds good, I’m fairly low on time right now, but I will get round to it and post it on this thead.

Hope you have a good Christmas!