How to get a High Value from List

Hi Everyone! I’ve learned a lot from this forum and still!. . . . So, i have this problem: Need to get the highest value from a list (Roof Areas), so i’ll be able to put it in a Schedule.
This is what i’ve done:

the node to get the value maybe could be “SetDifference” as read in some post, but to be honest, i don’t know how to use it. Thanks in advance!

Hi @memo.davila1988 - You should simply be able to use the Maximum Item node.

But even easier, you can replace your List.SortByFunction with List.MaximumItemByKey and plug the same nodes into it - this will get you the answer :smiley:

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Even Easier this Way! :sweat_smile: . . . . Thanks a lot @solamour!