How to find line intersection

hi, I am writing a script to read csv data point in xyz and create lines by data points in excel.

  1. i just want to know check the lines created by line.bystartpointendpoint?
  2. If intersect, how can I get the previous and next item data of the excel?
    Thank a lot for kindly help!

hi Frederic
the explanation and the image shown below can’t explain what it actually means
kindly elaborate on the question so that u get a better answer
if u need to find the intersection between two lines go with Geometry does intersect node

thanks a lot, will try.

hi! im looking for the same kind of script… can you kindly post it here below?

Many thanks!!!

Looks like those lines don’t intersect, but I put this together.

intersect.dyn (23.8 KB)
EXCEL DATA.xlsx (8.7 KB)