How to find index of a sublist of elements from a sub list

hello, I believe I am having some lacing troubles. I am trying to group all my conduit runs together with the fittings and conduits in their respective runs, and I believe I have done that for the conduits, however the fittings pose more of a challenge because they are actually three parts when you break them down. I have the runs separated properly on the right side of the graph under “group curves node”. So in order to backtrack what element those lines belong to I need to be able to find what the index of each line item is in either of these two nodes indicated. and then backtrack one more step to the actual elements in current selection. However, since the lists are all sublists I cant figure it out. I’ve tried everything. Any ideas to help me, Please?

Can you explain what you’re trying to do here? You may not need to break down all your geometry just to put it back together. Or you might have to filter your elements in parallel with the geometry.

Edit: You could also try using IndexOf from DanEDU to get the index for each geometry in any sublist structure.

I cant get the DANEDU node to work. But i did try it. I am trying to be able to select multiple runs of conduits and separate them into sublists organized by which run they are in so I can query and push data based on physically connected runs.

I think you need to convert Lines/Arcs to strings before checking them.

I tried that, that is not working either.

Can you show an image? Did you get the list levels correct?