How to extract center-line or internal surface as Geometry from wall, floor, roof and window?


I am trying to extract center-line “surfaces” as Geometry from Wall, Foor, Roof, windows and doors.
I have element geometry then Solid for each element but not sure how to get from solid to centre surface…??
I want to connect Geometry to my next step.

I tested solution from this post:

Below is a script with all data, so far did not work as expected. I can not get cleaned enclosed geometry. I can see that center-line will be more difficult so I am trying now to do inner surfaces that will make closed shape geometry.

This is my Space set up so you can replicate if needed…and can see that there are some rooms around.

GettingInnerSurfacesVer01.dyn (23.7 KB)

Hey Michal,

Thank you so much for your post and sharing your script. I downloaded it and there are a couple of errors. I am quite new to Dynamo so not sure how to fix it. Hope you don’t mind me asking for some help with this.

Your script is exactly what I need for my work. I am an AV consultant designing sound reinforcement systems for large venues like performing arts theaters, stadiums, arenas, etc. I use an acoustics and sound design application called EASE where I have to model rooms in their native format which is terribly time consuming, so been looking for a way to export only the internal faces of a room including ceilings and floors to DXF that I can import to EASE. I can export a room to DXF, but it exports all the elements of a wall, ceiling, 3D elements with thickness and EASE requires only the surfaces facing inside the room, so I end up spending hours editing the EASE model to remove all the stuff it doesn’t want to see.

Looks like it’s been a couple years since you posted it. Do you have this module updated or can you help me with these errors?

Many thanks,