How to Duplicate existing ViewType?

Hello to all.
I’m trying to find How to create/duplicate types of view through Dynamo, but till now I have not found any results. Does anyone know if that is possible? I have seen some packages but those only showed me the existing View Types. I thought that it might be like duplicate it as a View Template.

Is there a way to do it in Revit?
If yes, there might be a way to do it in Dynamo, if not there will be no way.
That´s what I think :wink:

This should do the trick:

Just download the latest package:


Thanks, Konrad. It worked perfectly.

Or this:

I have a question, What are you connecting as Element? are you connecting a View list, and then changing its Parameter “Type”?

Correct, both List.Map and List.FilterByBoolMask are plugged into a list of views which was created earlier in the script.