How to Duplicate and Rename Multiple Views at once by Dynamo?

Hi guys,

I would like to Duplicate and Rename Multiple Views at once, I searched for a solution on the internet and got half of the solution. I still need to do it manually a couple of times to change part of the View Name.

Example of the list I have
ID-50-00-010 - B1- GF-MAIN ENTRANCE
ID-50-00-011 - B1- GF-MAIN ENTRANCE
ID-50-00-012 - B1- GF-MAIN ENTRANCE

Example of the list I need
ID-50-01-090 - B4- FF-MEN SPA
ID-50-01-091 - B4- FF-MEN SPA
ID-50-01-092 - B4- FF-MEN SPA

attached my trials.

you can try like this

View.dyn (8.9 KB)

thanks @_Vijay for your reply, actually I dont want to add words after the view name I want to replace some words with another like I have mentioned before!

Hi @abdulrahman.qishta
Split the names of your view using String.Split, and then replace the sub string at the needed index.
Best is to do a dictionary, and to use Dictionary.SetValueAtKeys
You need a naming convention.

There nothing connect between what you’re have and what you’re need. I think you should try String.Replace letter by letter after duplicate view.

This is not a solution. Its way of solution…try from there…

Hi @abdulrahman.qishta,

Is there a formula/ a standard way from your old names to your new names?
If there is not, i would recommend maybe extracting your viewnames into an Excel file and using that excel file to put the new names into by hand and then using that Excel file as input for a second script.

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I think that should do the trick.