How to divide a list to 3 individual list?

I got a list and want to divide them in 3 individual lists (Red, Blue and Black).
What node should I use?
Thank you all.

Trying to think of a better way using only OOTB nodes but here is one:

[0..100/3..3, 1..100/3..3, 2..100/3..3];

Edit: without codeblock:

This method does give two nulls though because the groups are uneven (101/3 has a remainder)

It works.
I see 3 lists in the last node.
But how to divide them in 3 different lists or 3 individual window or node?

Because I want to use geometry.Translate with 3 lists individually.

You can use a getitematindex node or you can use a codeblock like this:


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