How to delete in Civil 3D GradingCriteriaSet in GradingCriteriaSets

is it possible to delete in Civil 3D GradingCriteriaSet in GradingCriteriaSets?
Do you know any solution using Dynamo or Python?
I found only this Delete Grading Criteria - Autodesk Community
Thank You

I found solution in Camber package (number 2 in picture). When I tried solution number 1, there was warning that criteria are in use.

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I’m curious about this. Was your goal to delete a Criteria Set or the Criterias within a Criteria Set?

The goal was to delete Criteria set and Criterias in it. Criterias was impossible to delete because of warning that they are in use somewhere.

Now I understand your question better. I can see in civil 3D that I only deleted Criteria set. I’ve thought that this means all Criterias would be deleted. After I deleted only Criteria Set all Criteria moved to another existing Criteria set.

In my testing it looks like the Criterias are still removed even though the warning says that they can’t be removed. Can you try again and check Toolspace to confirm? I would say that this is not the desired behavior since forcefully removing Criterias and/or Criteria Sets that are in use somewhere else in the drawing could have unwanted results.


I’ll take a closer look. Here is the issue for tracking purposes.

I cannot reproduce this behavior. When using Object.Delete on a GradingCriteriaSet, the entire Set is removed along with the Criterias within it, and the Criterias are not “transferred” to another Set. Can you share a DWG with the Criteria Sets that were testing with (before being deleted)?