How to delete families from a project completely (from the project tree)?



For some reason I found a lot of topics on deleting parameters from families but nothing on this.

So what I’d like to do is know if there is some way I could delete the families from the project tree. This is mainly to delete Tag families at this point and I’d like to automate this by perhaps having some text files from which I read in the names of the ones that should be saved or deleted.


Purge unused (the built in Revit function in the manage tab) is my method of choice.

Tool.Eraser from steam nodes works if you really want to do this programmatically. You’ll want to confirm there are not placed instances first, otherwise a lot of data and work can be lost very quickly (this is why I prefer the built in command).


Hi and thanks for this. I’ll look into it.

I will most likely want to use this Tool.Eraser as I actually want to get a whole lot removed. This is more testing for different solutions for running data (families etc) from folders, txt- and excel-files.
We’ll see how it works out.