How to define a variable as an Array (or int, bool etc.) in Design Script



I am curious how I can define what my type my variables are when creating a Design Script function. Below is the Code I’m trying to generate as a function:

def processAndUpdateBathroomReqData(womensRoomsAndReq, mensRoomsAndReq)
/* Get Womens Values */
getWomensRooms = List.GetItemAtIndex(womensRoomsAndReq, 0);
getWomensValues = List.GetItemAtIndex(womensRoomsAndReq, 1);
transposedWomensValues = List.Transpose(getWomensValues);
womensValues1 = List.GetItemAtIndex(transposedWomensValues,0);
womensValues2 = List.GetItemAtIndex(transposedWomensValues,1);

/* Get Mens Values */
getMensRooms = List.GetItemAtIndex(mensRoomsAndReq, 0);
getMensValues = List.GetItemAtIndex(mensRoomsAndReq, 1);
transposedMensValues = List.Transpose(getMensValues);
mensValues1 = List.GetItemAtIndex(transposedMensValues,0);
mensValues2 = List.GetItemAtIndex(transposedMensValues,1);
mensValues3 = List.GetItemAtIndex(transposedMensValues,2);

/* Get Parameters Names to Store Calculations */
param1 = List.GetItemAtIndex(requirementPrameterValues(), 0);
param2 = List.GetItemAtIndex(requirementPrameterValues(), 1);
param3 = List.GetItemAtIndex(requirementPrameterValues(), 2);

/* Update Women's Bathrooms with Requirement Data*/
updateWomensRooms1 = getWomensRooms.SetParameterByName(param1, womensValues1);
updateWomensRooms2 = getWomensRooms.SetParameterByName(param2, womensValues2);
updateWomensRooms3 = getWomensRooms.SetParameterByName(param3, 0);

/* Update Men's Bathrooms with Requirement Data*/
updateMensRooms1 = getMensRooms.SetParameterByName(param1, mensValues1);
updateMensRooms2 = getMensRooms.SetParameterByName(param2, mensValues2);
updateMensRooms3 = getMensRooms.SetParameterByName(param3, mensValues3);


I am able to call the function, but when I do I get the warning below: Converting an array to var would cause array rank reduction and is not permitted. Is there any way to modify the function to allow arrays as inputs?


Try this…
def processAndUpdateBathroomReqData(womensRoomsAndReq:var[]..[], mensRoomsAndReq:var[]..[])


@j.darling have you come across any update on this issue ?