How to deal with"No Parameter Found By that name"

Quick answer: try SetParameterByName(TypeOrInstance) from Rhythm

“Offset (default)” should be “Offset” in the string node. (default) in the family only shows whether it’s a type of instance property.

thank u for answer, but I tried change to the “Offset”,still not working…

between family types and element.set parameterByName
you should put the All Elements of Family Type Node

I am sorry…i am a freshman of Dynamo, could u please explain more?
Thank u for your patience!

See this thread:

You need a node to change from family type to a element because the input in the element.setparamterByName needs a element as input


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Thank u sooo much:) It works!

Thanks for your suggestions, appreciating your help!

I can change this title for you if you wish. If you need Dynamo in hurry situations, you should also consider to take a look at the Primer in your free time:

Youre welcom

some aditional info of getting and selecting info from different elements
And just like Yna said in the dynamo primer you wil find al lot of information

Hi @scao9

Clockwork package has a node called “Element.ParameterExist” to filter if parameter exist.


Hi Nico, I am feeding all inputs as elements, but I am still getting the same error. Any suggestions?


Hi Rohan
What is the warning?
I think your input in value needs a number probably a zero (0) or a one (1)


Hi Nico,

Appreciate your quick response.

The warning reads, “No Parameter Found By that name”.

This logic works for a different group that changes the sheet parameter, “CHECKED BY” but gives warning for “Not for Construction” and “Show Key Plan” Parameters.
See below snippet, I have tried using Boolean, Integer Slider and String to feed “value”.

Rohan Agarwal

it means that the element you selected in revit doesn’t have a parameter called “Not For Construction”
show us a picture off the element you selected and its properties

Hello Rohan

this graph can help you to find and understand and to set parameter value’s


Thanks Nico for the graph. It did help me understand where I am going wrong.

The parameters I am choosing are titleblock parameters and not sheet parameters.

I was able to solve using a node from Rhythm package. Graph snippet below,


Thank you,

Rohan Agarwal