How to cut anything with topography


I have been following the tutorial
But I get the error from code block a[1] “index outside given range”. I have tried so many different things now, and searched about the problem without finding anything. Can you guys please help me? What does the block a[1] actually means?

Thank you!

Hi @Ericasp,

Try with a[0][0] in the code block.

Well, composing Martin’s answer, a[1] means from list a, retrieve element 1. Suppose you have a list a = [object1, object2, object3]

a[0] will return object1 (in dynamo, python and DesignScript, counting starts at 0)
a[2] will return object3
a[3] doesn’t exist, so index out of range

Thank you for the replies!
I have no error now, but still the model doesn’t behave as the example.
The generic model I created with Dynamo just sits on the bottom.

Any ideas what the problem might be?


If I change the thickness to a higher number I get the slice of the generic model, though the slice is done on the “wrong” side, see my attachment. Any ideas?

try a[0][1]