How to create text , rotate text in different angle in dynamo (2)

Dear all,

below is old post link,

I have written some script and look for you guys comments and instructions to inspire me :smiley:

Please find attached link for downloading images and dyn (as new user not allowed to upload) .

@lawsk3 ,

In which Revit Version, do you work?

hi draxl, the dyn. file is in 1.3+ version, use only built in node without add-ons. i think the revit version isn’t a critical matter on this dyn. file.

@lawsk3 ,

I am not sure Revit 2022, has an huge jump regarding annotation rotation! so it means you need a higher core 2.10,…

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i see, i draft this dyn. in revit 2021 and the dyn. file version is 2.5.0

@lawsk3 ,