How to create Pipe trench

I have a task to create a trench plan outline and hatch along the pipeline. I have been placed the condition image, sample image, dynamo and drawing file. Could you please help me out to complete the dynamo.

Hi @manrajan.kalimuthu,

What have you tried so far?

I am trying to take information from pipe properties such as pipe invert level, pipe cover and pipe diameter. These details to adopt the trench standard, i am trying to make offset on the line. Unfortunately, i don’t have much exposure in plane and vectors. cad image represents how i wants the trench line in plan.

Trench hatch v0.01.dyn (178.9 KB)

Sorry for the delay on this. It looks like you have a good start on trying to account for the various width/depth cases. Is there a specific part of the graph that you’re having difficulty with?

Also, I’m curious how you were thinking of creating the offset envelope around the structures? In my head that seems like it would be pretty tricky, especially in the scenario where more than 2 pipes connect.

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Are you worried about parallel pipes or angled connection?

First set will be prepare offset of the pipe and second will be just structure around rectangle form.
We will focus pipe outline first

Not really worried about that. It will be difficult to trim all of the lines around the structure like you show in the screenshot.

For the time being we will ignore the structure box. Let’s do the pipe trench lines with elevations.

May i know any progress on that topic?

May i know any progress for pipe trench?

Sorry @manrajan.kalimuthu, I am not actively working on this. I can’t write the whole script for you, but I can try to help with smaller questions if you need.

Please check the left offset and right offset group used nodes. When I run the script with single-direction pipe networks offset lines are working fine. While using multiple angle connections. It doesn’t work fine and would be made an angular offset.

Trench hatch v0.04.dyn (263.0 KB)

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Hi @mzjensen mzjensen,
I want to make a square around the structure and that should be perpendicular to the outlet pipe. It doesn’t fit all the quadrants. Can you please check the script and direct me where I have to modify the script.

Trench hatch.dyn (144.7 KB)
Trenchhatch2.dwg (3.2 MB)