How to Create Irregular pattern / Non Uniform Pattern

How to convert this hexagonal pattern in to a Non-Uniform Pattern?

Help me find a solution!


Hi Arun,

what do you mean? can you be more precise about what you want to do ? (a sketch or description of the desired result…)

Hi Arun,

You can use Design Script to create irregular pattern and also try using custom node from LunchBox Package. Good Luck!

Hi Mostafa,


I saw one of Zach’s video Ive attached a snapshot I need to recreate some thing similar! Since he has done it in old version of Dynamo I cannot figure out the exact node for latest version!

Required_Non-uniform patern

Hi, Kulkul, I’m New to Dynamo, where can we find Lunchbox Package! Thanks for your suggestion with the Pattern!

Geometry > Tesselation > Voronoi


Just search “Online Package Search” in Dynamo.