How to create a list with a varying amount of items

Hi All,

Im an intermediate user of Dynamo for Revit and need assistance with creating a list where the number of items vary according a specific number.

I am creating an list of panel types and counting the list of variations then outputting them to excel.

The challenge is that the numbers of panels vary and consequently the so does the output list length to excel.

Please help. Any suggestions would do.

I do not understand where the problem lies? Can you try to visualize it a little?

Hi Jonathan,

The screen_shot might help explain.

So I am able to successfully extract the Overall Panel Types together with their areas and numbers of variations.

In the next section under Panel Break Down I am started to extract the individual parameters for each panel which is fine.

The challenge is that the numbers of panel variations vary in themselves so when creating a list in dynamo it requires you to input exactly the number of items which will vary.

Its quite difficult to explain. Any way I could share my screen with you?

I wrote you a PM :slight_smile:

Are you trying to create an empty list with a length of x? Something like this:

I managed to solve it without having to create a list with an undefined amount of items by simply using the List.GroupByKey node! Duh!

Thanks for the suggests anyway.