How to control the radius of curves on the surface?

Hello! I’m developing a facade, for my undergraduate work in architecture.
It’s my first try with Dynamo. So far I have created a family of conceptual mass, assigns the format of my facade of the .rvt file, with model lines and created a form from those lines. Then I launched Dynamo by selecting Edge, created a PolySurface by Loft Guide, following the curved vertical edges, and inserted a few points per parameter … Now I need to better round each of these vertical lines of points (because it was half bent and with a curvature strange in the smaller curve), smoothing the curved shape, how can I do this? can anybody help me?

Archive .rfa:

Volumetria_CurvaMenor.dyn (10.4 KB)

Hi @Merieli

Use Curve.ByIsoCurveonSurface.

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Thanks, but now, how can I turn them into sharper curves? Do I need to control the curves? I tried to create a “Surface Nurbs”, but it did not work …
Afterwards, I will still apply a mesh on this surface to turn it into a structure with glass …
Can you tell me the best way to “round” those surface curves please?
It would be practically like using a certain radius in the surface curves, but I do not know how to make it work, any suggestion?

I will try to explain better what I need and what I am trying at the moment …
I would like these vertical curves of the surface to have a more definite angle. Perhaps the method is as in the image of dynamo primer (but not with so many vertical bends):

I made a sketch of the hand that might be easier to understand:

In Dynamo I created points at a fixed distance, I could not determine to the center of the curves:

Would this be the way? create Nurbs points along the surface curves and then determine the angle of the curves? Can you please help me on how to do this? I’m lost

This could interest you perhaps:

Either adding more control points or adjusting the weight/degree of the points in question could help refine that shape.