How to change a list into a string to replace a text Parameter

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been playing around and am a bit stumped now.

The problem is I want 2x Text based Shared Parameters (Sheet category) to be concatenated into one string to be input into a single Text based Shared Parameter (Sheet Category).

I’m still learning what nodes do so haven’t really got beyond where I am. As shown below, I have a transposed a list to create the input parameters but lack the next step.

Anyone have any thoughts :slight_smile: ?

‘S_Sheet_Name’ and ‘S_Sheet_Name_2’ need to be concatenated into one string to be input to ‘Sheet Name’.





I’m still learning myself, but I think i can answer this one as I was trying to do something similar recently. Try using the List.Combine with String.Concat as the combinator. See attached…

String Concat

Use a code block. It doesn’t get any simpler than that:


Ah thanks lads! Much appreciated. Very simple indeed.