How save the results of the Dynamo after each execution program

Hello there, Happy New Year !
I’m working on a Dynamo which is able to create automatic cuts section. At this point, the Dynamo is working. But, each time i execute the Dynamo, it repeats the program and delete the old cuts section. I’m searching a way to conserve all the results and i guess it’s some code to add in the first bloc “Springs.SelectLinkedElements(ordered)” Package Springs. If anyone have an idea, thanks.

You’ve not said what you’re changing each time… However if you run your script using Dynamo Player it shouldn’t delete your outputs.

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I change my selection of elements. The goal is to create cuts section on some walls. (Architect expectation’s)
The node Springs.SelectLinkedElements(ordered) = select the link then the walls.
Then the program do the rest.

This is element binding. Clear any bindings and run your graph via Dynamo player as @Alien suggested and you shouldn’t have any issues.

More info here: Element Binding in Revit

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I was so focused on the Dynamo that i forgot to use Dynamo player :face_exhaling:
Thanks anyway ! It’s working !