How does Dynamo recognize the Phase create Value

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Im trying to filter doors by phase create value, it works in one project as followed:

In this case Dynamo could recognize all the “Neu” value direktly as string,
but the other value “Bestand” were showed as “Phase XXXXX”.

In another project would both Phase create values recognized as “Phase XXXXX”

Does anyone know why in the first case the “Neu” value could be direktly showed as string?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Zhou,

Try this:

Hi, Kulkul, thanks for your python solution, its much cleaner and easy to use :slight_smile:

I also used Element.Name to solve the problem, but I still dont understand why the value “Neu” could be showed direktly as string in the first project, Im now comparing two projcts, but they seem to have the same phase settings.

You can submit your issue to Dynamo’s GitHub site:

Okay, will do, thanks for your reply, wish you a good day :grin:

I copied the python script, but in my case I am looking to filter rooms by phase not doors, and I am getting empty lists using this code? Any ideas? I have tried other elements, such as doors, walls etc. and it works.