How do you use list levels in a code block?

Hi All,

Using the get item at index can get a bit bulky, so I often use code blocks. However, I can’t seem to get code blocks to replicate the levels function of the List.GetItemAtIndex node (see image).

Do any of you know the syntax for selecting items of a list at levels?


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Select the List.GetItemAtIndex node and the code block feeding into it, then right click the backround and choose ‘node to code.’

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the tip, but creating a code block for List.GetItemAtIndex isn’t quite what I’m trying to do. I want to use the dynamo syntax for selecting an item at an index in the form I showed earlier “X[1]”, but I want to select the items at levels.

I’ve tried using the replicator guides as they’re used within the List.GetItemAtIndex Code Block, but I can’t get the syntax right.





As far as I know, that syntax doesn’t support levels - you’d have to use two sets of bracket values to even pull the value from the list.


Try using first with a range 0…4, and the second with a single value.


Due to the complexity of n dimensional lists, the method I lead you to before is preferred.


Otherwise you need to program a way to catch a situation where you have a list that is five levels deep. Or four levels deep. Or n. Or if your list is 6 items long instead of 5. Or 3 items long… you get the idea.


you save me all the time … thanx

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