How do I remove a line break from a string?

Hi everyone, still quite new to Dynamo here, and am having a small issue in formatting an element in Revit.

Right now, the code outputs a result as shown below:
13 1/4

What I would like it to be is: 13 1/4".

I have tried copying and pasting this section from the custom node into the homepage, and it works properly, and outputs 13 1/4" as a string.

The top (straight) part of the code works as intended, and I believe the error stems from either the circled node, or somewhere before it. In the circled node, I’m trying to combine 1/4 and " to make 1/4", but it appears that it is inserting a line break before the ", but I cannot see why this is happening. I have tried using the ‘+’ node instead of String.Concat, which appears to work the same way, but without having to join the strings at the end.

I also tried a (very basic) python script to try to remove the line break, but it would give me a (null) for the answer.

Import clr
mystring = IN[0]
mystring = mystring.replace(’\n’,’’).replace(’\r’,’’)
OUT = mystring

Can someone let me know what I’m missing here, or try to point me in the right direction?


Can you try this one ?

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I think the problem is String.Concat. It concatenates lists of strings. I’m guessing you really want to use the + node to join them.

You can also try…

x + y

in a code block :slight_smile:

(or obvs x + “”" etc. etc.)


It would be the best solution :). Actually I don’t know how could he end up having the string with 2 lines. So my script handles the result from there

Thanks for all the responses guys, unfortunately none of these work :confused:. Sorry it took so long, I wanted to try all combinations of everything you suggested.

Kevin, as a follow-up question, what data type does the python script output? It returned a null in my watch box. I tried using the code after using the concatenate nodes, the + nodes and the code block Mark suggested and got null every time.

Mark, I tried using x+y in a code block, and I have no idea what happened, but it gave me ‘1 1/4’ (without the "), and totally disregarded the ‘+12’ I was taking from the upper node chain.

Nick, I had already tried using the ‘+’ node, which I found to work the same way as the concatenate + join combination, and would still give me the " on the next line.

I really don’t know why my string ends up with 2 lines, I’m not even sure if it’s technically two lines because removing \n hasn’t worked the three different ways I tried it. What I’m confused about is why it works when I run it as a definition, but not in the custom node.

Can you show us the output of both strings before you join them? Does the fractional piece already have a line break in it?

String.Replace works for me.


Here’s a picture of the watch boxes, I organised them to look like the original photo (sorry I can only upload 1 photo at a time). String replace was one of the methods I tried before, but I used your method and got the same thing. So it looks like there is a line break in the ‘fractional’ node, but I don’t see why. The original text read as 1’-1 1/4" with no line break anywhere. I will take another look at the nodes preceding the fractional node now and see if I can find the error.

In Fractional Inches and Quotation. The data structure is still a list. You should convert to string then concat with another string.


Thanks Kevin, this seems to have put me on the right path. It is currently giving me None null" in the final watch box, which although isn’t the result I wanted, has all the text on the same line. I spent the whole workday on this so I’ll take a crack at it in the morning and if I manage to solve it I’ll update you guys.

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why on earth a “n” letter replaces a break line string? thanks it worked for me