How do I change a global parameter value?

Even if I input the existing value into value I get a null output!

Do I need Python for this?

Looks like you are missing an input into the code block. Perhaps try sending “1” instead?

Note that the results of the node will not be the parameter itself, nor the value, but a separate statement.

Doh! It’s been a loooong week :smiley:

I did however try the 99 and I did try plugging in the “GlobalParameter.Value” too. Neither of those worked.

What is the value now?

You mean the current value of that global parameter?

Something like Z6 I think. It’s text and 2 digits.

Was wondering what does the value says in Revit after you run the graph.

And in a bizarre (but typical) modern world kinda way…
This morning I turn it on to play with it again and it works right away despite the node still saying, ‘null’!

cue spooky music

I tested in Revit 2021 and the ‘GlobalParameter.SetValue’ node seems worked well
(although the function ‘GlobalParameter.SetValue’ does not return anything)

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This is what I was hinting at before. The value will be null unless there is a problem. Try feeding that number parameter a string “Fifty Two” and you will likely see other results. :slight_smile:

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My global param is set to text so “fifty two” works but 52 doesn’t.

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