How can I change this pipe tag leader colour

How to change pipe leader colour for different system.Our project have so many system like that so any advice. Our company standard is arrow colour have to change. I will appreciate when you help because I am in trouble. Photo from google.

@naylin.oo ,

i would it implement it in the annotation familiy itself.

Later you can tag the typ (or familiy) via dynamo…



Arrow colour how to change I already make a separated family. But how to change the arrow colour with Dynamo? Now I only use the override graphic in view for this arrow and a lot handy.

This is a very difficult question to answer without a file to test on. It would be very easy to build a solution in a test environment which doesn’t fit with your project which will cost the person helping you a bunch of time and waste a bunch of your time as well.

I suggest posting a .rvt file showing a sample of the issue somewhere for people to build with.

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