Horizontal Reference Planes in Elevation

Am unable to create in Revit a Reference Plane with a cut vector other than the Z direction. The ‘ReferencePlane.ByCurve’ and ‘ReferencePlane.ByStartAndEndPoint’ are limited by cut direction Z, which works well on Plans but not in Elevations or Sections.
There seems to be method here, but am no Python expert:


Any help will be appreciated.


Is there a need for this to be able to take multiple points as input?

@Cesar_Escalante, I have a solution for you! It will only take ,multiple points when you mess with list@levels though.

###*Edit- I revised this to calculate the vector of the active view and generate the reference planes!


@Cesar_Escalante, this is in Rhythm now. Check it out in this version.

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Awesome @john_pierson. Happy New Year!

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