Hook orientation of the spacer in double curved bridge sidewalk generic model

It is my first topic here.
I’m trying to model reinforcement in double curved sidewalk of a bridge. Sidewalk is a part of a bridge as generic model generated from dynamo to RFA. I attached screenshots. Everything works fine untill hooks orientation of a spacers in distributed rebars. My workflow is:

  1. I create rebar in a section as a sketch and then manually orient hooks at given angle (no. 1 on screen).
  2. Then I can manually copy created rebar in section with 0.5m distance. Parameter “Geometry” in this rebar is 1=Free form.
  3. Next I use script by Dieter Vermeulen from Autodesk to copy transversal reinforcement along path.
  4. Rebar is distributed but parameter “Geometry” value is changed (to 0=Shape Driven) so new rebars are flat. Here is the problem. I can modify hooks by declarate only Left/Right values.
  5. I tried to change the value of integer Geometry parameter back to =1 by Dynamo nodes but without success. The parameter is read-only.
  6. I tried to use python script as you see but without success.

I can upload only 1 picture as new user so I upload other pictures to Google Drive here:

My investigations:

I read documentation for rebar class:
and I think it is possible from the api level to change orientation hooks. To do that I should change the creation method of a rebars (draw each individually by dynamo).

I’ve been struggeling for 2 days to do it by my self but after reading some documentation I think I’m not able to do it without deep understanding of Revit Api. Other discussions ansure me that it’s to hard for me yet:


I can’t upload files because of company politics but I will try to answer all questions.

Can anyone find sulution?

I forgot to say that Sofistik Reinforcement Detailing give an ability to define spacers but it works only in floors. Image is on Google Disk