Highlighting Elements Intersection Points


little help please?

So, the script was made to count number of intersections between suspension profiles and rods. My initial idea was only to count those intersections, however, now when I think about it, it would be also great if intersection points can be highlighted in the model, in case where rod doesn`t really intersect but it should be, so the count can be right.

I am not really sure how to proceed with this, so any advice would help.


Hi…could solid centroid help you here ? and lacing to longest in geometry intersect

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Hi @sovitek , thanks for a quick reply,

I have added note you mentioned, and changed lacing to longest, however, even though I got the point, the number of them didnt matched up real situation. However, I have changed lacing to cross-product. and got desired outcome.

Gonna investigate further how lacing works, since I am a newbie to this. Thank you.

Now only the question of highlighting remains. Not sure is it possible to just highlight something like I have imagined, or some sort of colored element must be made on those intersection?

try lacing longest not cross

This is a result of longest lacing. The number of nodes is not equal to number of intersection points, and it should be.


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ok cool :wink: you can highlight the point in revit if you set "revit preview, then you will see a blue dot…i guess or you could insert a family instance in that point

Thanks for help.

Somehow, the preview showed only dots, and when I ran the script again, it showed whole assembly, and those dost are now hidden. So if somebody has the idea to solve this I am all ears :smiley:

There was already similar topic, but unfortunately, I dont see a way how to implement solutions mentioned there, since I would like to see whole model, with highlighted points on intersections.

Old topic

I think to somehow give radius to these points and see what happens, if somebody has smth smarter, dont be shy :slight_smile:

Well, I was on the right track I suppose, just used sphere by point radius.



Great yes its work in dynamo view :wink: