High-level DYNAMO programmer required

Hi, my name is Ordan and I am the owner of MIDVED, a company that deals with quantity surveying and cost estimation and is located in Israel.

I am looking for a high-level DYNAMO programmer who knows how to streamline our modeling procedures at REVIT. In addition, knowledge of working in a GOOGLE SHEETS environment is required to optimize the interface between REVIT and our system which is in GOOGLE SHEETS.

Please send me your email so we would be able to chat in zoom for more info.


Hey. I’m from NY. I have been working for Dynamo for some time. But I have absolutely no experience in Revit. Is this okay? There was a time my employee was using soft like worktime(employee monitoring software) to control my work. So you could as well. Is there any chance to get this job or is it too late?

Hi Ordan,

Greetings from DWP Global Corp.
We have skilled resources, who could able to support your requirements. We can discuss this in detail.
Please reach us at techhelp@dwpglobalcorp.com

Looking forward to hearing from you.

DWP Global Corp Team