Help with filtering and counting similar items

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to count the occurance in my list. I looked at earlier posts and also tried a couple of nodes but I wasn’t successful. So I am having the current table as you can see here:

width height material finish count
400 900 dark hpl 3
500 1200 white laminate 1
350 850 yellow laminate
400 900 dark hpl
400 900 dark hpl

So I am trying to identify and count the similar rows in my list. I tried it in dynamo as you can see here but cound’t manage to solve it

Any suggestions?

Are you trying to count how many times the same combination of parameters appears? If that is the case, you should try String.concat after the Transpose and then count occurrences / groupbykey + count.


I think that’s definitely the way to do it too :slight_smile: If I may, you might alsso want to convert all the objects in string before applying String.Concat

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As @mellouze said, for String.Concat to work, you need to convert any numbers into string. Something like this:


many thanks @kennyb6 you saved my life :sweat_smile:

Thank you @mellouze I really appreciate your help :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem :grinning: if you need to separate them back, instead of using string.Concat, there is string.Join and you can set something to separate them by:
(the bottom part)

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@kennyb6 great one mate.

I was just thinking on how to seperate them back :sweat_smile: thank you

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