Help placing door in a wall

I’m trying to generate a set of walls from points, which generate lines(curves), which generate walls. I’d then like to place a door in that wall a specified distance from the edge. I tried using the spring nodes Springs.HostedInstance.ByPoints node but i’m hitting some error i can’t solve. Any help would be appreciated.

Could you upload your graph? Seems like it should work.

here is the graph. i modified it slightly to use the walls/doors straight from the Commercial.rte template so that we are using the same file.
DoorInWall.dyn (53.5 KB)

Hi all,
I want to put door in wall at intersec line green and other line from autocad. So it does not work.


Thanks all.
I have a solution.

Can you post your solution so that if other people who have the same problem see your post, they can find an answer?

Please share your solution and script also I am struck with the doors placing from cad line in dynamo

is there any update? I have some problem to