[Help] Join Civil 3d Pipe to Manhole

Hi there, I have some civil 3d pipes and manholes that created from feature lines and cogo points in my drawing. However, they are not to be joined to each other as the structure properties shows there is no any pipe connected under the selected manhole. Please see the attached screenshot.

I want them to be joined at the invert level of 0. Is there any dynamo scripts could join these pipes to the attached manhole?

12696Q-10_300 shp1.dwg (1.8 MB)

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Seanc9XFAH,

Take a look at this and see if it helps.


Hi @mzjensen ,

Appreciate for your help.

The scripts that you have provided, works perfectly on my wastewater networks. However, it doesn’t work on my stormwater network pipe.

In order to find out the reason and eliminate the situation diffenrence could cause the scripts not working, I have created a stormwater network with exactly same pipes and manholes in the same location. However, the scripts still does not work. Please see the attached dwg file that is exactly same with the last one but just in different pipe network.

12696Q-10_300 shp2.dwg (1.8 MB)

Can you explain what you are seeing when you say it isn’t working?

Sure, after I ran the scripts in Dynamo all manholes under “EX.WW” network have been connected to the pipes near or overlapped on them, which is working perfectly. However, after I changed the network name to “EX.SW” in Dynamo and ran the same scripts, all manholes under network of “EX.SW” still stay the original state which is not to be connected by any of pipe that around them.

After the first, did you try disconnecting a wire. Freezing one of the upstream nodes. Running again and then reconnecting, unfreezing, and running for the second time? May want to turn off bindings too.

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What about Civil3D command “reconnectnetwork”. I think it will do the job.


Appreciate everyone’s help here. @mzjensen 's scripts is perfectly working for both stormwater and wastewater now.

I am not sure the reason for the issue, the scripts was working on wastewater only but not stormwater that I had yesterday. However, it is working for both networks after I restart my computer.

Thanks @Ahmed.Kamal.Moussa , the Civil3D command “reconnectnetwork” is working as well.