Pipenetwork.AddPipeByCurve - Pipes are deleted after adding a new one to an existing Pipe Network

Hi, I have a Dynamo script that asks for the user to pick the pipe inlet and outlet elevations from a profile view. Then, based on that elevations (and stations), it adds the pipe to the drawing (on the alignment and on the profile view) to previous created pipe network.

This works fine for the first pipe. However, when I pick the next two points for the next pipe to add to the pipe network, it erases all the existing pipes on that same pipe network and I don’t understand why (in the end, it only remains the last one that I created). Summing up, every time I run the script to add a new pipe, it erases all the pipes in that pipe network.

Here’s a snippet of my script:

I can’t share a DWG, but you can find attached the dynamo file.
Civil3D_CreatePipeByProfileView.dyn (158.3 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @goncalogbastos,

Take a look at this.