Help: Add Elements to Sublist

I’m going to start and admit that I know there are a lot of questions about multi-level lists up right now. I’m just having a hard time understanding how to manipulate the lists.

Context: i’m trying to procedurally generate view names that fit a naming convention
My objective is to have a L3 list of disciplines made of L2 list of view names made of a L1 list of strings
I’m not really sure a more generic way to describe it.

I have 2 steps where I need to do something similar: ‘extend’ list Ln[j] by Ln-1[i]. Ex area 1 in the Workspace Image. I have 3 disciplines I need to make views for, and 10 views per discipline I need to make. I was successful here expanding 3 disciplines to 30 views and adding the string for the first character group to those 30 view names

In Area 2 in the Workspace Image, i’m trying to extend the list by level, and add/duplicate the view names in L2 for each level. I’ve tried using a similar strategy to Area 1 of list.ofrepeateditem and list.additemtoend, but when I do that here, it places the level name at the end of L2 instead of adding each level name to the end of each L1 list.

I don’t think i’m describing my problem very well.

@mclough please upload your dyn and rvt files (or a link). Thanks!