Heat Gain Per Person

I am trying the use Dynamo to set the sensible and latent heat gain per person and a number of spaces. When I use the script show it tells me the parameter is read only because the heat gain per person is set to building. I am trying to toggle that variable to specified using Dynamo and then the parameter becomes available. If I change the pull down manually for every space the script works but I have a building with a lot of spaces and that won’t work. Thanks.

It is not simple parameter. You need to find plugin that can access this piece of data or write one to get access to this piece of data. Those are read only parameter.

Michal, Thanks. I have used a similar script to change the number of people, lighting load and miscellaneous loads for the spaces and had no issue with the parameter changing from default to specified by itself once I sent a number to it. This is the only parameter that will not work that way. I am starting to think that it is a glitch in Revit that won’t automatically change to specified like the other space parameters.

Hi @Knockout

Is your “Sensible Heat Gain per person” is shared parameter? What does the error says at “Element.SetParameter” node?

Hi @Kulkul the “Sensible Heat Gain per person” is a built-in parameter of the spaces. By default it is set to “default” and I get the error that the parameter is read only. When you change the parameter to specified you can have Dynamo change the value. This is the only space parameter that seems to work this way. I used Dynamo to change the number of people and that parameter was set to “default” originally as well.