Heading to AU Vegas in November and want to learn how to code C# Zero Touch nodes?

Hi everyone

I’m planning on attending this years AU Vegas (my first!) and thought I would submit a class while I’m at it. If you’re planning on going and would like to learn how to write custom nodes using C# in 90 minutes, then vote on my class on the link below. In the hands-on lab I’ll show you how to configure Visual Studio, the basics of C# to get quickly started so you can write your own nodes, and show you how to navigate and implement the Revit API:

Vote here: http://au.autodesk.com/speaker-resource-center/call-for-proposals/voting
Class name: Become a Dynamo BIM Zero Touch Node (C#) developer in 90 minutes

If all goes to plan, I really look forward to seeing you there in person.