Having trouble using List.Clean & List.FilterByBoolMask to remove empty/blank row values


I’m getting a “Warning:Asked to convert non-convertible types” error message in a Family.Name node. I believe it is because the list that I’m feeding into it contains empty row values. I try to use the list.clean node beforehand to prevent it from happening but it doesn’t remove the empty row values like I had hoped. Is there a difference between empty/blank row values and null values? I also tried using a list.filterbyboolmask node instead of the list.clean node and still could not get the “Warning:Asked to convert non-convertible types” error message in a Family.Name node to stop.

Below are screenshots of the 2 graphs. The first graph works I believe because there are no empty/blank row values in the input list. I think the second graph is having trouble because there are empty/blank row values in the input list. I would greatly appreciate any guidance anyone can provide on how to get the second graph running like the first. Thanks in advance!

Override Interior Elevation Crop Boundaries Lineweight 2018.10.31.dyn (73.8 KB)

Hi Daniel,

A simple way to clean up your data is to use the List.Clean node in Orchid package.


Yes. It works. I guess I was using the wrong list.clean node. thanks for the code block too!

Flatten node may also work here. :slight_smile:

@Alban_de_Chasteigner (and @daniel.tran)
just to inform… my nodes take the written items in the code block as default value (both in the +132 and +201 version where {} is changed to [])


@JacobSmall, Flattern would not work in ths case, since the value from “GetParameter…” is blank ("").

Good catch! I thought the issue might be due to how the items were originally collected.

Thanks for chiming in. I’m curious: what is the difference between a null list item and a blank list item? What action results in a null list item populating a list vs. what action results in a blank list item populating a list?

blank ("") is a value, null is not and empty list is list only instantiated