Hardware spec

Hi everyone, my company will buy new computers and they ask me about what I need. But I really don’t know. What hardware spec do you recommend. I usually use files around 4 000Ko.

Can someone assist me?

Hello @max.cot ,

System requirement depend upon lot of cases, like what software you are going to use, system performance requirement, etc but if you are goin to use for Revit or similar other software then you can refer link below,
Autodesk suggest us some hardware requirement for Revit. You can refer this article for selecting the system, price and brand.

If you have freedom of choice, my suggestion is:

  • Windows OS
  • 32GB RAM or higher (16 if you must, but no way hozay to 8)
  • Enough storage to keep at least 20% free when max loaded up
  • i7 or higher (i9 if you can get) processor. Ideally 3.7ghz+. Avoid 2.X or i5’s
  • GPU probably an RTX 2/3080. Hear good things about that range but haven’t used it. Quaddro has been discontinued so I don’t suggest it anymore, even though my mobile workstation uses one. Some people use geforce, but seems to struggle with compatibility with higher end programs like real time raytracers.

I found it very hard to get straight answers from anyone when I shopped around last time, hopefully this helps give some, but do your research as well and compare options. If you’re buying in bulk make sure to pit a few vendors against each other to see if you can get discounts for a larger order.

Be mindful that Autodesk seems to only include some cards that work well with their software, not all cards. Just because a card isn’t in their list doesn’t mean it isn’t a good choice. Many users swear by going outside their list and suspect there are motivation$ behind why they don’t include some cards in the list (unconfirmed, don’t quote me here).

If you have access to good internet whenever you work, consider speccing out a box and remote desktopping to it remotely via laptop if you need a mobile setup. If you don’t have good connection and need mobile, then be ready to lash out on laptops as they’re always more expensive and higher end specs get much more than a desktop.